Welcome on the website of KLC Marine

Since KLC has established in 1988, KLC, as Korean specialist, has always been striving to provide the highest quality supply service possible to our clients in Europe, Asia and the other countries in the world.

KLC Marine is located in Rotterdam (Spijkenisse), the Netherlands as well as Antwerp, Belgium being the most centralised ports in the world.

KLC Marine extended her service in Johor Bahru, Malaysia (located across the bridge of Singapore) and Pusan, Korea by opening their liaison offices.

KLC Marine represents the biggest marine engine manufactures in Korea, Hyundai-Engine, HSD-Engine and STX-Engine as the authorised  

repairer for service and/or the engine part sales agents who have been supplying all GENUINE 
SPARE PARTS from above mentioned engine manufactures in Korea.

KLC Marine have been building stock parts at Spijkernisse, to be able to improve its services and reducing the delivery time and cost towards our clients.    

KLC Marine especially have been operating for the marine diesel engine service from within Technical Service Centre at Rotterdam, the Netherlands (port nr. 2820), Malaysia/Singapore and Korea, for the following types build in Hyundai-engine, HSD-engine and STX-engine:

MAN B&W35, 42, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 98MC/MCE/MC-C, 55, 67, 80 GF(CA), 67 GA/GB, 90GB
SULZERRND 68M, 76M, RLA/B 90, RTA 62U, 84C(U), T(B), 96C
MAN B&W HOLEBY4 stroke 23 & 28 and 23, 17 + new version series.

KLC Marine is ready to serve you for the engine repair service, spare parts and Programmed Maintainance Service including spare parts for liner carriers.